My Teaching Philosophy
Throughout my years of teaching guitar, I have learned that trying to force a student to practice certain exercises, methods, or styles does not work. While I have no doubts that there are essential technical and musical elements that need to be studied by any musician. I have found that there are many different ways of developing complete proficiency in all areas while keeping the student motivated and inspired. A student is far more likely to dedicate themselves to necessary daily practice upon witnessing his/her teacher perform all of the assigned exercises and pieces effortlessly and musically. I believe teaching material at the rate it is assimilated by the student, allowing the student to set their own pace. This will ensure consistent progress which will breed a greater intensity towards reaching one's ultimate potentials. The smallest of steps forward will soon grow into major leaps and bounds in your playing. Patience and persistence is the key to success.

About My Program
After the first 8-9 weeks of studying with me, you will have learned the most important 4 chord progression (I -vi-ii-V) in 7 keys along with the major scales in each of these keys You will then be able to harmonize any song you wish . You will be able to name all the notes in these scales (in the first position) and have working knowledge of the chords, scales, and theory that comprises all music, regardless of which style's you choose to pursue. Your picking or finger style technique will be greatly improved (or developed correctly if you've never played before). Many students have studied guitar for years and still do not have a grasp of this crucial information. In case your thinking that this will take hours everyday to accomplish, not so. If you practice this system 20-30 minutes a day, you will have accomplished everything I have mentioned above in 8-9 weeks. Of the 500+ students I've taught throughout my years, I have never seen anyone who applied themselves to this program for 30 minutes daily not succeed. Make the commitment and I will guide you through the process every step of the way.

Upon completion of this first phase, not only will you have the knowledge necessary to play just about any song you wish, but you will also have a working knowledge of chords, scales, progressions, technique, and theory. Then the sky is the limit. This program is perfect for the beginner or the experienced player who would like break new barriers and reach higher plateaus....musically and technically. Here are just a few different areas of study that I help aspiring students and accomplished musicians with everyday:

While I do not pressure anyone (except my classical students) to read music if they do not wish, I do encourage it. It is an incredible freedom and great source of inspiration to be able to pick up a piece of sheet (especially music you have never heard before) and sit down and play it. I have been influenced by many great musical ideas that I would not have the opportunity to discover if it was not for my ability to read music well.

Song Transcription/Ear Training
Upon completing the basics, you can bring me a cassette or CD of anything you wish to learn, I will transcribe it on the spot and show you how to play it. I will also share some techniques that will eventually allow you to learn any song by ear as well.

Blues Soloing
This is a great way to learn the basics of rock guitar soloing. There is no limit to what you can create using pentatonic scales over a 12 bar blues progression. I have some great supplements and fresh ideas which breathe new life into this age old form.

Modal Soloing
3 note per string concepts that open up the fingerboard vertically and linearly. This is the primary medium for the blistering fast melodic phrases of players like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Al Dimeola, Steve Morse etc.

Advanced Pyrotechnics
Innovative two handed tapping techniques, Sweep picking, String skipping, and speed picking. No holds barred. Anything and Everything is fair game here.

Classical Guitar Study
This has been my main study for the past 12-15 years. I have had many incredible experiences learning from some of the world's best performers. Aside from teaching traditional methods, I incorporate the wisdom of the modern masters as I learned it from them.